Vision of Real Community

Our mission is simple, Giving Today while Growing Tomorrow.  We do this by sharing garden resources and products with your family, your community, and ultimately the planet!  We hope to achieve a standard of pride, excellence, and stewardship among our community and we would invite you to learn more!

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Home Grown Resource Group is a St. Louis based network that specializes in landscape contracting, design, and garden consulting services.  We proudly offer exclusive garden products and services through our local partner garden centers!  We are a group of designers, contractors, and skilled craftsman.  
We are your one stop shop for any outdoor landscape project, while saving you time and money.  We have already chosen some of the most reputable, economical, and experienced contractors in the business, to complete the job for you. By coming together around shared interests, we move our lives forward, and we make our towns and cities stronger, healthier, happier places— getting closer to a vision of a world full of real community.

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About Craig

- Born in Dunedin Beach, FL, I spent my childhood and young adult years growing up in Atlanta, GA.
- Received diploma from Roswell High School in 1992.
- Received BS degree in Biology from Stetson University in 1996.
- Received AAS degree in Horticulture from St. Louis Community College in 2007.

- Professional horticulturist, biologist, and naturalist with twenty years of experience in the horticulture industry.
- Stay-at-home dad, since 2014, which is truly the most challenging, yet rewarding job that I have ever had.
- Volunteer and advisory board member for North Glendale Elementary School "Giving" Garden.

Long are the days since my childhood, some memories will last a lifetime, and some will fade. I finally feel at home in St. Louis and a sense of community. Living here now for twenty years, I have a family of my own. As the story continues, we look forward to sharing the journey as we create a new chapter of home grown living.